Mechanical Boiler Maker

NATIONAL DIPLOMA-MECHANICAL BOILER MAKER N1 –N6 This Diploma will provide the practical and theoretical basis for a student to become a boiler maker. As a student you will be involved in the design, development, production and installation processes. This course will give you the relevant theoretical background to become a competent boiler maker Level Subjects […]

Electrical Engineering

NATIONAL DIPLOMA-ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING N1 –  N6 An electrical Engineer tests and maintains electrical subsystems and systems, is involved in analysis and problem formulation, conducts research to improve the use of energy resources, designs and develops new components as well as managing projects. Level Subjects Duration N1 Mathematics Engineering Science Electrical Trade Theory Industrial Electronics 3 […]

Civil Engineering

NATIONAL DIPLOMA-CIVIL ENGINEERING N1 – N6 A Civil Engineer is responsible for planning design, maintenance, monitoring, evaluation and management of construction projects. These projects are concerned with the construction of multi storey buildings, roads, bridges, airports, harbours, sport stadia and water and sewerages purification plants.   Level Subjects Duration N1 Mathematics Building Drawing Building Science […]

Chemical Engineering

NATIONAL DIPLOMA-CHEMICAL ENGINEERING N1 – N6 The aim of the course is to provide excellent theoretical as well as practical chemical engineering knowledge and skills, relevant to the needs of the chemical industry and society at large. Graduates of this programme will have the competence to apply engineering skills to chemical engineering problems and plant […]