Message From The Chief Executive Officer


It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the staff, management and I welcome you to Tshwane City College (TCC) in 2018.

As you may be aware, this year marks a decade since the birth of TCC. Our 10th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on our success to share what we have achieved and to celebrate the spirit of enterprise and intellectual discovery that has been at our hearts since 2008 and to further identify new objectives and goals to ensure that we get on with our continuous improvement programme to offer even better education and training in line with our motto of “Providing Academic Excellence”

The college was opened in 2008 and its success to date can be attributed to the fact that all members of the college community have become involved in the life of the College. We promote involvement by all stakeholders to ensure that particular needs of our learners and students are met. There are many times during the academic year when the College benefits from the assistance of interested and enthusiastic volunteers.
This college and its community continue to set very high benchmarks by which our success can be measured. In selecting TCC, you have chosen a College noted for its innovation and dedication to providing an education for the 21st century. As we welcome you to TCC, we wish to extend our invitation to you to be an active and informed member of our college community.

Our college continues to grow and currently has approximately 1 000 students in Grade 8 to N6 classes. This is a massive improvement from our initial enrolment of 800 students at our inception back in 2008.

The essence of this college is that it puts great educators and lecturers together with great students. It gives each the resources, facilities and freedom to get on with teaching and learning. It adapts the best of both traditional and modern teaching and assessment pedagogy. Results are constantly reviewed and targets sets to bring improvement.

TCC is steadily becoming one of the most sought after Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) colleges in Gauteng and each year receives a huge number of requests for enrolment. This popularity is in part because the College offers courses and activities that cater for the diverse interests of individual students. The College has a wide range of students support and guidance services available to assist individuals in ensuring that they make informed choices to best meet their aspirations and interests.

TCC is best known for the levels of academic achievement gained by students. At each of Grade 8 to 10 at High School and N1 to N6 at TVET level, students gain over twice the national average of passes endorsed with excellence and merit. While the College has an unashamedly academic focus there are specialised programmes in place to meet the needs of all students, including those with recognised learning needs or for whom English is a second language.

The success of TCC students in all areas of College life is based on ethos of hard work and discipline. Every student is encouraged to set their own goals and expectations and given the encouragement and support they need to achieve. As a result the College has a calm and purposeful tone.

TCC is the College of choice for students from a very wide community. Local students are joined by a diverse number of international students who come from over 10 countries to enjoy a world class educational experience. These students add an international flavour and perspective to life in the College.

Once again, welcome to Tshwane City College. I hope you will have a fruitful during your stay at the College.